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Sacred Owl Integrative Counselling does not encourage the use of illegal substances, and does not provide psychoactive or illegal substances. Psychedelic consultation services are offered by Sacred Owl Integrative Counselling for the purposes of harm reduction. Sacred Owl Integrative Counselling does not make claims of completely eliminating harm via psychedelic consultation counselling services, and individual results may vary. While Sacred Owl's team members have extensive academic training in counselling, and specialized training in addictions, mental health, and psychedelic-assisted therapy, they are not medical professionals. Sacred Owl Integrative Counselling does not claim to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical conditions. You are encouraged to speak with your doctor regarding any medical questions you may have.


Psychedelic medicines are incredibly powerful substances, with the power to aid healing or cause harm. When misused, used in inappropriate settings, used without intention, and/or used without adequate support, the risk of harm with psychedelic use increases. Even when taking every possible precaution, it is important to remember that risk of harm is always a possibility when ingesting any mind-altering substance. 

Further, most psychedelic substances are still classified as schedule III substances in Canada, making them illegal to produce, sell, or possess. Despite the legal status, the reality is that many people continue to use psychedelics in various contexts, and general public interest and curiosity is seemingly growing in recent times. Unfortunately due to the legal status, stigma, and a lack of integrated cultural and spiritual understanding of many of these medicines, psychedelic users may feel apprehensive to reach out for professional support for fear of judgment, misunderstanding, or getting in 'trouble.'

At Sacred Owl, we believe that psychedelic consultation support, in an effort to aid the reduction of harm where possible, is a much-needed offering. Our work together is collaborative, and approached with compassion and curiosity. We intend to provide a safe, confidential space for general consultation, preparation and integration. 


This psychedelic consultation support offering may be appropriate for:

  • those who are considering or have already started microdosing, and would like support with determining appropriate dosage, scheduling, intention-setting, etc.

  • those who are already planning on consuming a psychedelic substance in the context of psychedelic psychotherapy or psychedelic ceremony, and would like support with intentional preparation and integration.

  • those who have had a psychedelic experience on their own time, and would like support in processing their experience.



Preparation is considered by many to be the most widely overlooked, yet arguably one of the most important aspects of a psychedelic experience. In essence, preparation is everything that happens before a psychedelic experience. Preparation counselling sessions are available to those who are considering or actively planning to use psychedelics in ceremony, or in a psychedelic therapy setting, on their own time, Preparatory support is also available to those who are wishing to be more intentional in their microdosing practice.

Preparation counselling sessions may be helpful with the following:

- getting clear on your "why" for engaging with psychedelic medicines

- clarifying and refining intentions 

- bringing awareness to any expectations you may have 

- exploring curiosities and opportunity to talk through any concerns, worries, or fears

- cultivating inner and outer resources



Psychedelic experiences can expand our sense of perception and generate new insights, or shift the way we view our lives and the world around us. Integration generally speaking, is a means of weaving this new information into our daily lives in a meaningful way.

Integration counselling sessions may be helpful with the following:

- processing your experience in a confidential 1:1 counselling setting

- maximizing any potential benefits from your journey

- reducing negative impacts of a difficult, challenging, or otherwise uncomfortable experience

- weaving any insights, lessons, or new awareness into daily life going forward​

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