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Meet Ryan

I am a son, brother, father, husband, and friend. I come from Celtic, Norse, Slavic, and Cherokee ancestry on my mother's side, and Celtic and Norse ancestry on my father's side. I honor all sides of my ancestry, and I feel a particularly strong ancestral connection to Norse and Celtic traditions.  

"Stop leaving and you will arrive. Stop searching and you will see. Stop running and you will be found." =Lao Tzu


I’ve spent the majority of my career working in the realm of mental health and addictions. Prior to stepping into private practice,
I spent several years serving First Nations communities in various mental health roles. In hindsight, I can see how I've been preparing myself for healing work even before I sought out a career in counselling. Early life trauma, along with the painful loss of both my parents at a young age was a perfect storm that contributed to my use of drugs and alcohol to self-medicate. This numbing and escapism ultimately led to active addiction for many years of my life. Once I stopped self-medicating, space opened up to embrace my own healing journey. This has included reparative relationship, nature, ceremonies, and re-connection to ancestral ways. By sitting with our own darkness and shadow aspects, we are then able to hold supportive space for others to face their own.   

I believe we already have everything we need inside. Our work together is about resting in and surrendering to the moment, slowing down and being present with our essential nature. I am here to walk alongside you, non-judgmentally, to support you with leaning into your own authentic expression. I believe that when we address our core wounds, we are provided the opportunity to unlearn the conditioning that does not serve us. From there we can then tap into the infinite well inside, and expand upon what is already there.

  • Non-dual psychology

  • Transpersonal psychology 

  • Integrative therapy

  • Rogerian Client Centred

  • Trauma-Informed practice

  • Self-Compassion practice


In the process of unlearning, we explore the “what” and “who” that has created a narrative and decided it is unwanted. We acknowledge that certain narratives need action, and how our perception can serve to separate us. We can ground with non-judgment from the existential angst that often arises, and if willing, begin to transcend some of our conditioning.

I have a passion for co-creating a different way of being for those that I connect with. Oftentimes it is the lost connections with our essential self that lies under much of our presenting troubles that needs to be re-ignited and embodied as the true nature.
I support folks to embrace their true nature and authentic self. 

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  • C.C.C. (Canadian Certified Counsellor)

  • PATGC (Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Graduate Certificate) 

  • M.Ed., Counselling Psychology

  • B.H.Sc., Addictions Counselling

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