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Wellness is a
co-created journey,

led by you.

Welcome to Sacred Owl Integrative Counselling.
We're happy you've found your way here.


Our approach is integrative, trauma-informed and non-pathologizing ~ read on to feel the resonance: 


We aim to support you
in remembering and connecting with your inner light, and your truest self essence.

Why Sacred Owl?

The owl carries special significance in cultures all over the world. Some cultures associate the owl with death, rebirth, darkness and magic. In Norse tradition, the owl is seen as a sign of good luck. For the Celts, the owl is believed to represent wisdom, and guidance through the underworld.

The owl came into both of our lives in a big way in mid 2022. We have developed a deep respect and admiration of this beautiful creature. After a long conversation about what to name our practice, it only felt right to honor the owl, and thus Sacred Owl was born.

Sacred Owl.png

Our core values:


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