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Meet Brit

I am a 4th generation settler with Celtic and Norse ancestry, as well as a daughter, sister, friend, partner, and dog mum. I am a messy, imperfect human, continuously learning, un-learning, and re-connecting with my truest self essence.

"We are all just walking each other home." Ram Dass


I came into the world as a highly sensitive, deeply feeling being. Life circumstances led me to internalize external messages that my sensitive nature meant I was deeply flawed. As a result, I put a lot energy into shutting down these qualities for most of my life. Through my (ongoing) healing journey, I have come to appreciate my sensitivity as a gift rather than a curse. Rather than continue to pour energy into shutting down my sensitive nature, I now re-focus that energy on re-claiming it, strengthening it, and holding compassionate space for other sensitives.


My work in the health care field began in 2012, and since then, I have gained experience through a variety of mainstream academic and mental health care settings. In both the undergraduate and graduate counselling programs I attended, trauma-informed practice was emphasized as a teaching focus, and there was a significant emphasis on "alternative" approaches including transpersonal psychology, non-dual psychology, and somatic/body-centered approaches. 

From 2019 – 2023 I had the privilege of working in First Nations communities. Working in community ultimately helped me wake up to the fact that I had been operating under a way of being that was incongruent to the “real me” deep inside. They truly were my teachers who shined a light that sparked an awakening process. Between mid-2021 to late-2022, I was fortunate to have had the opportunity for direct hands-on experience in the psychedelic therapy space, specifically with Ketamine-Assisted Therapy. In early 2022, I was blessed to cross paths with medical herbalist and multidimensional healer, Megan Waddy. Since then, I have been learning, training, and healing with her in the realms of the sacred feminine, heart-centered perception, Norse and Celtic Animism/earth-based honoring practices, and energy healing work.


All of the above has shaped me, and informs how I show up personally and professionally. I weave my formal clinical training with my spirit-led training and intuitive heart-centered knowing in my practice. I am passionate about helping sensitives and chronic people-pleasers cultivate self-compassion skills, develop emotional intimacy, connect with the wisdom of the body, and ultimately remember and re-connect with true soul's essence. 

  • Integrative therapy

  • Internal Family Systems / parts work

  • Feminist theory

  • Transpersonal psychology

  • Somatic, body-centred approaches

  • Trauma-informed practice

  • Compassion focus 

  • Energy psychology / tapping (EFT)

  • Animism / earth honoring practice 

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  • C.C.C. (Canadian Certified Counsellor)

  • PATGC (Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Graduate Certificate) 

  • M.Ed., Counselling Psychology

  • B.H.Sc., Addictions Counselling


Wondering if you might be highly sensitive? Common qualities include:

  • Highly empathetic 

  • Highly conscientious

  • Intuitive 

  • Deep feeler and/or thinker 

  • Pays high attention to detail

  • Deep desire for a sense of meaning and purpose

  • Extra aware/observant/sensitive to external stimuli 

  • Easily overwhelmed 

  • Easily overstimulated

  • Increased sensitivity to pain

  • Feels deeply unsettled by, and therefore tends to avoid cruelty or violence

  • Aims to avoid situations that are likely to lead to overstimulation and overwhelm

  • May seek to avoid criticism and lean towards people-pleasing tendencies 

  • Tends to experience life more deeply and tend to have a rich inner world

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